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ISLA Legal, Digital & Regulatory Broadcast | April 2023

April 17, 2023 International Securities Lending Association (ISLA) Season 1 Episode 12
ISLA Podcasts
ISLA Legal, Digital & Regulatory Broadcast | April 2023
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This episode is hosted by ISLA's Adrian Dale (Head of Regulation & Markets) and features updates from ISLA’s legal, digital and regulatory team members.

The latest ISLA Legal, Digital & Regulatory Broadcast Podcast, provides a roundup of ISLA's activities in the past quarter. The team also provide some commentary and updates on upcoming projects (including updates to an Austrian Tax Clause, 2023 Netting Opinions, and a new Tokenisation paper). The team also provide a high level run down on key priorities they are focusing on across advocacy, regulatory market practice, digital and legal space over the coming months, including some exciting best practice changes! 

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Adrian Dale Intro
Tina Baker (Head of Legal Services) - Legal Update
Farrah Mahmood (Director - Regulatory Affairs) - Regulatory Update
David Shone (Director - Digital Affairs) - Digital Update
Adrian Dale (Head of Regulation, Digital & Market Practice) - Best Practice Update